UDI U818A-1 Review

UDI U818A-1 Review

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UDI U818A-1 Drone
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UDI U818A-1

UDI U818A-1

  • Maker – UDI
  • Charge Time – 120 minutes
  • Battery – L.7V LiPo
  • Frequency – 2.4GHz
  • Full Charge Flight Time – 7-9 minutes
  • Channels – 4 channels
  • Controlling Distance – 30m
  • Camera – 640x480 pixels
  • SD Card – 1 Gig

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Buy the Best Drone provides the best advice and reviews for a multitude of drone types. One type of model we review are beginner drones, like the UDI U818A quadcopter. Keep reading our full UDI U818A Review to better understand the features and specifications while understanding the pros and cons the drone offers.

The UDI U818A quadcopter comes completely assembled in the box and ready to fly after fully charging the battery, which takes about 2 hours. Flight time after a full charge is approximately 9 minutes, which is reasonably less than other similar beginner quadcopters. That being said, we highly recommend purchasing additional batteries with this drone. In addition, this quadcopter is excellent for the amateur pilot because it’s extremely easy to fly, and is virtually impact resistant – depending on the circumstances, of course. Additional buttons located on the remote control allow you to perform stunts and difficult maneuvers, such as inversion. Do not attempt this feature until you get a complete grasp of how to operate the drone or you risk damaging your drone.

In addition, the U818A comes with a camera, and the recent models sport an HD one. It’s not the greatest camera on the market, but it’s capable of storing videos and hundreds of pictures on the 1 Gig SD card. FPV (first person view) flying is available with the LCD display panel on the remote. In addition, a remote battery life meter, the camera setting, the throttle setting, and the menu are also displayed on the panel.

If at all required, parts are easily removed and replaced on the U818A.

Things We Like

Flight Performance: An excellent quadcopter for the beginner, the UDI U818A is easy to fly and is fairly stable even in winds of up to 10mph. This lightweight quadcopter also has the capability to perform stunts such as a 360° inversion flip. You will need to reach higher altitudes prior to performing trick flying, and it’s suggested that you are comfortable with flying before attempting. This little drone can fly indoors as well as out, making it easier for one to practice before setting it loose.

Pricing: As we mentioned previously, the U818A quadcopter is ideal for the beginner, and as a rookie drone pilot, you don’t want to spend a fortune on something you know nothing about. This quadcopter is available in the double digit price range and includes many of the same functions as high-end drones.

Durability: Unlike many low cost quadcopters, the UDI U818A drone is rather resilient. It can withstand low-impact crashes quite well, which is highly important for someone just learning to fly.

Controller: As controllers go for inexpensive models, generally the remote is a lot smaller and more toy-like. This isn’t the case with the UDI U8181A. The U818A transmitter is nicely sized to accommodate an adult hand comfortably, and it’s also equipped with a nice LCD monitor for on-screen menu display and FPV capabilities.

Things We Don’t Like

Flight Time: We were not impressed with the flight time of 9 minutes even with a fully charged battery, when most other models are offering 15 minutes. When it takes 2 hours to charge, 9 minutes seems like a waste of time. Make sure you buy an extra battery or two with your purchase to avoid being disappointed when your drone runs out of juice.

No GPS: This is an important feature that UDI left out of their U818A model. It does not have the capability to hone into home base, or hover in place without assistance; therefore, if not kept under control, the drone can disappear out of sight and lose all sense of direction.

Motor Issues: As it seems, there have been some issues with motor failure, not sure if it’s a manufacturer’s flaw, or just a fluke. However, some reports show that just after a few uses, motors have seized or burnt up on one or more propellers.


The UDI U818A review quadcopter has brought us to the conclusion that regardless of the lack of certain key features, this drone is still ideal for someone just starting out and who doesn’t want to blow a gasket in their wallet. The resiliency and smooth flight pattern are an added benefit when considering a drone purchase.

If the flight time is an issue, additional batteries will lengthen your experience without having to wait 2 hours before flying again.

Overall, Buy the Best Drone recommends the U818A quadcopter for the amateur or the hobbyist. If you’re an advanced drone pilot you can definitely find something a little more advanced for your skill level.

If after reading our UDI U818A review you’re still unsure if this is the right drone for you, feel free to contact us. We’re the experts, after all!


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