Parrot BeBop Review

Parrot BeBop Review

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Parrot Bebop
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Parot Bebop

Parot Bebop

  • Maker: Parrot
  • Built-in GPS
  • 14 megapixel Full HD 1080p “fisheye” Camera
  • Full charge flight time: About 5-10 minutes

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Rivaling the DJI Phantom 3 and the Blade 350 QX, the Parrot BeBop is extraordinary. This drone is manufactured by Parrot which was founded in 1994 and is best known for creating hands free communication for cars and other vehicles. They are an aged tech company with immense amounts of experience and they keep on pushing the limits with products like the BeBop. We have spent the past few weeks playing with the BeBop nonstop- it really is something special. We’ve have had quite a few drones in the past but this one definitely brings something fresh to the table. Not only is it stylish and sleek, but it has some really unbeatable features.

The thing that surprised me most about the Parrot Bebop was how easy we could set it up on the first go. Although we are in love with all things technology, we’re not in any way technological wizards, so doing things like setting up and taking apart drones can be a bit tricky. The Bebop however only took a few short minutes to put together and take apart. We were surprised by how much control we had over the device and the overall flight experience.

When we first got the drone we immediately got the Free Flight 3 App which connects to the BeBop and is used simultaneously during flight. The app helps make flight easier by communicating with you height, distance, frequency, and more. The app ties together the whole experience of it. If you’re not good at flying drones, which we certainly weren’t in the beginning, it can help you get better and figure the process out.

Things We Like

Built In WiFi Hotspot: This is an awesomely unique feature to the BeBop. This can make sharing your videos more instantaneous than ever. Simply create a hotspot with your BeBop and connect it to your smartphone or tablet. Within seconds you’re live streaming video. Big hand to the Parrot Bebop team for including this awesome feature.

Dual Frequencies: The Parrot Bebop can handle both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz MIMO frequencies.  A commonly overlooked trait, but definitely crucial if you are operating in a highly populated area.

Easy Assembly: The simplistic yet beautiful design of this drone makes it a very sophisticated piece of technology, yet easy to put together and break down.  Great for the beginner or intermediate hobbyist.

FreeFlight3 App Integration: As with all of the Parrot products, you can incorporate the drone into the FreeFlight3 App.  Free with your Bebop, you can use the app to enhance your tricks and overall flight prowess. The controls are connected into the app, so there is no transmitter necessary. The app works on iOS, Android, and Windows.

Safety Propellers: The BeBop includes propeller bumpers to help make indoor flight much safer. You can fly closer to objects you’re filming without having to worry about damaging your drone. The standard package also comes with extra propellers.

Video Quality: The BeBop uses a 14-megapixel camera in the nose with a fisheye lens and a 180-degree field of view. The camera records 1080p video at 30 framers per second and automatically adjusts with the angle of your flight. For a built-in camera this thing is pretty impressive.

Things We Don’t Like

Shortened Range: Because this drone relies on the WiFi signal to fly, you’re going to experience a slightly shortened flying range. Some buyers have been quite disappointed by the difference in the WiFi control rather than the standard radio control. We personally found the WiFi to be suitable for what we were using it for, but can understand concerns from other pilots.

Motor Stall Issues: Some buyers have shared the fact that they’ve had issues with the motor stalling. Whether this can be attributed to the shorter range of flight or a bug in the software or firmware, its certainly a cause for concern.


We really love the Parrot BeBop – it’s something special on the market right now. We have to say that Parrot did a really great job in the execution and design. It looks great and flies great. We definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a mid-level drone. This is one of the best drones on the market right now for the price and we can’t wait to test out the next model of the Parrot Bebop.

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