Hubsan X4 Review

Hubsan X4 Review

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Hubsan X4
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Hubsan X4

Hubsan X4

  • Maker: Hubsan
  • Charge Time: 30 Minutes
  • Battery: 3.7V/380mAh Li-po
  • Full charge flight time: 7 Minutes
  • Controlling distance: About 50-100 meters
  • Video controlling distance: 100 meters

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The Hubsan x4 is part of our beginner drone series. As a cheaper drone, this is a great option for any novice looking to break into drone photography. This is the world’s smallest first person view quadcopter. We were highly impressed with the capabilities and quality of the video for the price. Hubsan makes quality products and quality drones that are reliable.

If you’re looking for a micro/nano quadcopter, the Hubsan x4 is one of your best options. Make sure to compare it with other products by checking out our micro quadcopters.

Check out the entire Hubsan x4 review below. This is the review for the x4 FPV model with the camera; this is the newest version of the x4.

Things We Like

RTF: Within in about three minutes we were up and flying. The set-up is simple, clear, and easy. This quadcopter doesn’t need much preparation.

Battery: For a nano quadcopter the Hubsan x4 has a fairly long flight time. The charge doesn’t take as long as other models around the same price point and the battery lasts a little longer. We were impressed during our tests. Every time we flew it the battery lasted almost 6-7 minutes. Buying a couple extra batteries can help you increase your flight/video time. Have them charged and when your first battery dies, just replace it with another one.

Transmitter: We really like the Hubsan x4 transmitter. It’s small and feels similar to an Xbox or Playstation controller. The joysticks are smooth but strong, which allows for great overall flight capabilities. The first-person-view is transmitted directly onto a small screen on the transmitter.

Pricing: One of the best features of nano quadcopters is the pricing. The Hubsan x4 is cheap and offers amazing features.

Camera: As the world’s smallest FPV quadcopter, the camera is actually pretty good. It works well in low-light situations. Although they might claim it is high-definition, we’d definitely disagree. It’s mediocre overall but great for the price and size of the X4.

Flight: The response is instant and the controls are easy. This isn’t a high-level, advanced drone that will take you hours to learn. You should be up and running within a few minutes. Check out some tutorials online.

Mods: There are a lot of really cheap, great mods you can add onto the Hubsan x4 series. This makes the drone more versatile and fun for hobbyists.

Things We Don’t Like

We don’t have many negative comments about the Hubsan x4 series. For the price and style of the quadcopter it’s one of the best. If you’re getting the Hubsan x4 with camera, remember that you’re not buying a HD 1080p camera. The camera is small but still works.

Keep in mind that flying in the wind can be difficult. Also remember that crashing the quadcopter can harm your drone. If you crash, make sure to immediately let go of the throttle and flip the drone over. If you don’t do this you can blow out the motors.


The Hubsan x4 Series is fun for anyone looking for their first drone or just looking to have a good flight experience. We spent only a short amount of time tinkering with the Hubsan x4 until we mastered it and really enjoyed ourselves. This is great for older children and adults. The camera makes it a great choice for anyone looking to learn how to utilize a drone in their film repertoire.

This Hubsan x4 H107C review is intended to instruct you on making the right decision in purchasing your drone. See the best prices below.

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