The Best GoPro Quadcopter Set-Ups

There are a lot of different combinations of quadcopters and cameras currently on the market. A quadcopter GoPro combination is arguably one of the best set-ups that a drone enthusiast can invest in.  These GoPro quadcopter set-ups utilize the best in both the UAV and digital recording worlds to deliver the best final product around.

Many models have built in cameras that are not removable. Other quadcopter models have camera gimbals that allow for maximum quality when filming. The most efficient, in our opinion, are snazzy quadcopters with cameras, specifically cameras that are GoPros. While units with built in cameras can be easier to just take out of the box and fly, any multirotor with a GoPro set up can give the flyer the most wide array of shots, angles, and possibilities in the realm of drone photography.

  • drones that use gopro

  • Camera Included?Camera Included?
  • PricePrice
  • RatingRating
  • Walkera QR X350 Pro

  • Camera Included?
  • Price$315
  • Rating7.7/10
  • 3DR Iris+

  • Camera Included?
  • Price$600
  • Rating8.7/10
  • DJI Phantom 2

  • Camera Included?
  • Price$499
  • Rating7.6/10

There are three top models that we recommend for anyone searching for the type of drone in this space. They are made by Walkera, Blade and DJI. The lower price options would be the Walkera QR X350 Pro and the Blade 350 QX.  These drones are fantastic values for the price, even with the additional purchase cost of a GoPro. The most upscale choice would be the DJI Phantom 2 Vision.  This is undoubtedly one of the best UAVs on the market, and one of our top overall best drone picks.

If you want more information on any of the models above, click on them and you can find a full review that will help you make the best decision possible and purchase the best quadcopter available. Remember, this is a very important decision to start your drone-flying hobby.  Make sure to look through every drone that may interest you. Every drone on the market can help you to learn but you always run the risk of breaking something expensive if you don’t know how to fly it beforehand. Understanding price in comparison to quality will help you make the correct decision when buying your multirotor.