The Best GoPro Drone Models

The Best GoPro Drone Models

A GoPro Drone is an unmanned aerial quadcopter, operated remotely, that offers the capability to attach a GoPro camera to the underside of its belly using a fixed mounting bracket or a gimbal. The bracket allows for maneuverable video and photography at the touch of a button.

If you’ve been paying attention to the news and media, one of the latest crazes in advertisement is aerial videography and one of the hottest trends is drones. At first, you may wonder how they would get helicopters into such tight places to acquire the footage you are viewing. Well, it’s not a helicopter that is being utilized; it’s a drone gopro. These unique remote controlled devices are taking the world by storm, being utilized as everything from a hobby to an intricate aerial photography and videography tool for businesses. Drone GoPros are versatile, they’re even being used to conduct remote surveillance. Their small size and agile maneuverability allow the user to comfortably obtain video footage in places never before imagined.

Upon first arrival to the hobby scene, most quadcopters with cameras were flown as typical remote controlled airplanes or helicopters. As hobbyists soon began to realize, these quadcopters were much more stable than an RC helicopter. Somebody came up with the ingenious idea to mount a GoPro camera to this unit, and realized it provided spectacular video footage, that up until now was unattainable.

This technology has been utilized by the military for unmanned aerial drone surveillance on fixed wing aircraft during our recent “conflicts”, but now, the technology is available to civilians at a very affordable price. Furthermore, several models are equipped with the capability to attach a GoPro camera, using the specific mounting device as previously stated. This in turn allows the operator a wide selection of models to choose from in order to meet his/her needs, including ones with an FPV (first person view) feature. This is an extraordinary feature that allows one to fly their GoPro drone from an included screen on the remote control device, laptop, or mobile device. In turn, this gives the pilot a feeling of actually flying from inside the drone by using a visual point of view.

Ghost Drone 2

Ghost Drone 2.0

Probably the GoPro drone with the most awesome name, the Ghost 2.0 is a seriously strong contender for our best drone with GoPro compatibility. One of our absolute favorite features of this drone is the already included 3-axis gimbal that’s compatible with all GoPro models over the 3 series. The Ghost also comes with four modes that make it fairly easy to pick up this piece of equipment without any experience.

The Ghost connects with any Android or iOS device and is similar to the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0, in that the controller is actually your smartphone. They market it saying it’s the easiest drone on the market to fly, and we can’t entirely argue. Pick one up, set it on the ground, attach a GoPro, and you’re ready to go.


DJI Phantom 2

DJI Phantom 2

The DJI Phantom 2 might be an outdated version of the Phantom 3, but the Phantom 3 includes a camera, and isn’t an option to connect with a GoPro unless you want to make some serious changes to the hardware you’re purchasing. The average GoPro drone user doesn’t have the experience necessary to take on such a massive undertaking, and when the Phantom 3 is already ready to fly with its 4K camera, why even bother?

If you’re looking for a DJI model that can also connect to a GoPro, look no further than the Phantom 2. This quick, nimble piece of equipment can zoom above head for more than 20 minutes and includes a gimbal if you buy the Zenmuse H3-3D package (we highly recommend this one!). If you’re looking for something that has a proven track record and can outperform a ton of other GoPro drone models on the market, pick up the Phantom 2 now.


3DR Solo

3DR Solo

The 3DR Solo is our favorite solution if you’re looking for a GoPro drone. This sleek, quick-maneuvering aerial machine can whip above head at high speeds for a maximum of 25 minutes of flight time. The beautiful design and easy controlling make this a drone that seems advanced, but can be used by a wide variety of pilots, regardless of skill level. If you’re not sure about your flying abilities, be sure to check out our drones for kids and beginner drones before picking up something more advanced like the 3DR Solo.

This great drone for GoPro has the capability to stream directly to your smart phone and easily enters into Follow Me mode. Follow Me mode uses your smartphone to position where the drone is above you, so that you can fly hands free and let the drone hover above. This GoPro drone is fully assembled and ready-to-fly out of the box. The controller is included and the drone is compatible with all versions of the GoPro above 3. The camera mount is not included, so make sure to pick one of those up when making your purchase. Overall the design and ease of flight make this one of our best drones for GoPros.


3DR Iris Drone

Buy 3DR Iris Drone

This 3DR Iris drone comes ready to fly as soon as you attach the props. It’s equipped with GPS navigation technology which enables you to use the auto pilot function, plus command the drone with either the included remote control or GPS compatible Android device or PC. It can be flown manually, or set to the 3PV follow-me mode using the Pixhawk auto-pilot system. Flight time for this fully charged GoPro drone is between 16 to 22 minutes.

A two-axle gimbal camera mount is designed for stabilization while shooting steady and captivating photos, and video. When utilizing the 3PV follow-me mode, the advanced technology allows the camera to focus on the operator. In turn, this advanced function captures a stunning cinematic video like nothing you’ve seen before.

Integrated LED lights allow for directional awareness and flight pattern notification. In addition, data is constantly received during flight with the on-screen telemetry located on the remote control device. This copter can be easily flown and modified by amateurs.

  • 3DRobotics Iris plus Multicopter 915 MHz 3DR IRIS
  • 2 – 5100mAh 3S 8CLithium Polymer Battery
  • Replacement propeller set
  • 4GB USB drive
  • Charger


Blade 350 QX


Buy Blade 350 QX

For the amateur drone pilot, the Blade 350 QX is ideal as it is easy to fly and somewhat resilient to crashes. This in itself is an important feature for the newbie. It’s equipped with a GoPro mount and stabilization balls for smoother video and is compatible with the Hero3 series. GPS Navigation allows for smooth operation while honing in to home base.

Based on the operator’s skill level, the Blade 350 QX is equipped with multiple flight modes. The Safe mode is highly desirable for the beginner as this can prevent a drone catastrophe. This particular mode allows the drone to hover in one place until the pilot moves the throttles. That in itself is a necessity when first learning how to fly. Additionally, there is the return home mode (self-explanatory), agility mode (not for beginners) and the SOS mode. The SOS mode is activated during landing. You will see a blinking strobe light accompanied by a loud beeping sound that alerts you to the whereabouts of the drone.

Lastly, the Blade 350 QX GoPro Drone has a flight time of up to 15 minutes before requiring a recharge.

  • 3000mAh Li-Po flight battery
  • DCLi-Po flight battery charger
  • GoPro compatible camera mount
  • DX 4 Transmitter


What is a GoPro?

Buy GoPro Hero4 Silver

A GoPro is a miniature camera that can be virtually mounted to anything, allowing hands-free video footage during events such as skiing down a hill, riding a mountain bike, or flying a drone.

The general specifications of the camera measurements are 2 ¼ L x 1 ½ H x ¾ W, which makes for easy mounting without the bulk of a basic, everyday camera. GoPros come equipped with SD card slots and a small USB or HDMI port that allows you to connect the GoPro to the computer enabling access to your photos or videos. In addition, a rechargeable battery allows the user to plug into a wall socket to ensure the battery is fully charged before use.

A waterproof plastic case with an adjustable mounting bracket is generally included when purchasing a GoPro. The case itself is not only designed to be submerged for underwater photography or videography, it is also a protective outer layer for the camera, preventing damage during extreme conditions, and impact. This proves especially helpful when flying your drone through adverse weather conditions.

A variety of GoPro cameras are available on the market today. If you are planning on utilizing a GoPro drone, you’ll need to select a model that is compatible to the specific drone you are flying. For instance, the Hero4 Session is the latest model available; it’s shaped slightly different than any other GoPro camera and it has1440p30 video, which we don’t believe to be as advanced as the Hero4 Black edition. The Black edition offers 4K30 video. Only the Hero3 and Hero4 editions can be controlled remotely and can be utilized in the FPV feature in my opinion is not as advanced as the on the drone. Most drones require at least the GoPro 3 series.

As the models advance with technology, so does the setup, resolution, and operation. Hero has narrowed the usage of all the functions of the camera into one tiny button. An internal menu allows you to program the functions easily. Just like a digital camera, you have the capability to view captured video and pictures on the screen to either save or discard, but keep in mind that not all models offer this capability. The on-screen viewing feature is an added bonus if you like to preview your footage.

Buyer Tips and Guide Information

In conclusion, drones are designed for the typical hobby enthusiast, amateur adventurist, and professional. Drone GoPros offer a wide variety of features and models. As we are aware, drones can be pre-equipped with cameras or a gimbal mounting bracket that holds a GoPro. Following up on the specifications that you require according to your skill level or feature requirements takes some research. That itself can be a daunting, frustrating task. However, by utilizing guides and reviews offered on individual models, you can make your easier decision easier. Check out our Spire Drone/User Guide.

GoPro Drones mentioned in this article, as well as others not listed, can be purchased on our website. This guide in particular will assist you with the drone lingo, and things you need to know before purchasing.

Whether you’re invested interest is capturing breathtaking aerial footage for use in professional advertisement, or just tinkering with the flight features and additional applications and modifications, Drone GoPros are always going to be an exciting form of technology that advances daily.

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