2015 FAA Drone Regulations Infographic

2015 FAA Drone Regulations Infographic

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One of the biggest questions we get asked here at Buy The Best Drone is “will I get in trouble for flying my drone?” Thus, we felt inclined to provide an easily-digestible drone regulations infographic that lays out the FAA’s currently proposed guidelines.

These guidelines essentially define the difference between a commercial and a consumer drone user.  These differences are becoming increasingly more important to comprehend as the drone marketplace expands every single day.  We can’t tell you how many more DJI Phantom 2 drones we see flying around San Diego than ever before.  As this exponential growth of the hobby continue, the burden falls upon us as drone enthusiasts to make sure everyone is educated.

What does that mean — educated?  It means everyone who flies a drone has to understand what side of the FAA’s regulations they reside on.  The more penalties we see being handed out to users who don’t follow the rules, the closer we get to some unwarranted ban on the hobby we love so much.

So, from your friends at Buy The Best Drone, enjoy this drone regulations infographic and fly safely & responsibly!

Article Name
FAA Drone Regulations Infographic
Buy The Best Drone has provided an inforgraphic to better explain the FAA's proposed regulations on commercial and consumer drone use.

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