Drone Surfing

Drone Surfing

As Southern Californians, some of our original inspiration for using, maintaining, and mastering drones was surfing. Drone surfing and the drone surf videos being released inspired us to do the same. We found a real passion for sitting on piers and filming our friends shred. We couldn’t find anything we liked better, expect maybe being out in the water.

As drones have become increasingly advanced we’ve seen the ability to follow and control their flight paths, making high-level drone surfing videos possible. We don’t only use our drones for surfing videos, but it is one of our favorite hobbies. Check out some of our favorite drone surf videos below:

Paul Borrud and company spent 11 days surfing the Mentawai Islands, an Indonesian island chain known for it’s crystal clear water and perfect breaks. Watch below.

Eric Sterman and company caught some of the most epic footage ever seen by the surf community last year at Hawaii’s legendary “Pipeline.” Captured with a DJI Phantom and a GoPro attached with a gimbal. This video is sure to impress.

Get out and start filming your own drone surfing videos.

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