DJI s1000 Review

DJI s1000 Review

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DJI s1000
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DJI s1000

DJI s1000

  • Maker: DJI
  • Flight Battery: LiPo 6S,10000mAh~20000mAh
  • Flight Time: 15 minutes
  • Frequency: 30Hz ~ 450Hz
  • Drive PWM Frequency: 8KHz
  • Takeoff Weight: 6.0Kg ~ 11.0Kg
  • Total Weight: 4.2Kg
  • Max Power Consumption: 4000W

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The s1000 is specifically created for the professional aerographer and cinematographer. This octocopter is compatible with all Zenmuse Z15 gimbal 3 axis system that can accommodate the Cannon 5D mark 3 cameras, or any other camera that you are accustomed to using with the Zenmuse gimbal, even a GoPro camera. The 3 axis technology of the Zenmuse Z15 keeps the camera, steady and accurate, eliminating any vibrations while the s1000 is in flight. Mounting of the gimbal sits low and with the retractable arms and landing gear, allows you to achieve a maximum clear, wide shooting angle with no interruptions. With the Zenmuse Z15 gimbal, optimum control of the camera functions from the ground is precise, just what you need for shooting professional videos.

Completely portable, hence the name Spreading Wings, these copters’ 8 arms can be folded down and the propellers tucked away for easy storage. Arms and landing gear are constructed out of lightweight carbon fiber material to ensure structural stability. Every single arm is integrated with a 40A electronic speed control. When ready to fly, all you need to do is lift the arms up, lock into place, and power up the motor. This action will save time during pre-flight prep.

Although, this is a highly advanced octocopter, it’s fairly easy to fly. A DJI A2 controller, paired with an iOSD onscreen display, and DJI Lightbridge 2.4G HD digital video downlink, provide optimal control, plus, the multi-rotor, autopilot feature makes it ideal for videography and photography by maintaining stability while flying and hovering. An XT150 plug and an AS150 spark-proof plug is what the DJI s1000 main power cord uses.

Things We Like

Camera Functionality – With the Zenmuse Z15 3 axis gimbal that keeps your camera steady during copter movement, which allows you to shoot amazing footage using a top of the line camera such as the Cannon 5D Mark 3.  The stability alone is every professional’s dream.  Control every aspect of your camera from the ground while utilizing the autopilot function.   Precise, accurate shots are available at your command.

Easy to Fly – For a drone that looks fairly complicated from the outside, it’s actually very easy to fly with the A2 controller and maintain steady during important shots.  We believe that is contributed to the autopilot function which allows you to concentrate on your work instead of maintaining control of the copter.

Portability – We love how all eight arms fold up as well as the propellers, which allow you to carry the unit with ease, instead of having a bulky inconvenience.  Flight prep is rather simple, just unfold and lock into place.

Low Mounting Gimbal – The gimbal attaches so low that nothing gets in the way of your shot; even the landing gear is retractable, and the battery is also installed on the same bracket.  This is an important factor when shooting commercially, as you require every shot and video to be unobstructed, allowing for maximum clarity.

Things We Don’t Like

The Price – We can certainly understand why this octocopter is so expensive, however, those who are just dabbling in drones can find a more reasonably priced copter and still receive a lot of the similar functions that the s1000 offers.  A professional photographer or a corporation who has the extra cash to spend on this particular model would be the only ones who would truly benefit from such a purchase.

Some Assembly Required – Unlike a few of the drones we have reviewed, there is some assembly required when taking the octocopter out of the box; this can be confusing if you aren’t secure with building drones.  There are two trays of drone parts, ESC, landing gear, and the boom, plus the battery and charger.  We would suggest reading the instruction manual thoroughly and possibly finding an instructional video to help with construction and wiring.

DJI s1000 is by far one of the most technologically advanced drones available on the market.  It has the capabilities to perform perfectly during those important tasks involving cinematography an aerial photography with clear precision and accuracy.  Though easy to fly, we don’t believe that someone just starting out would look to purchase this octocopter, specifically because it’s in the $4000 range.  However, corporations, real estate developers, commercial drone photographers would consider the s1000 to be a great investment.  

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