Blade 350 QX Review

Blade 350 QX Review

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Blade 350 QX
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Blade 350 QX

Blade 350 QX

  • Propeller size: 8 1/4″
  • Flight time: Around 11-13 minutes

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Blade has been making drones for years. They are a highly reliable manufacturer of drones. Our Blade 350 QX review is intended to educate you on why we believe this to be one of the best drones available on the market. You may disagree with us, but for the pricing and the design, it’s a fantastic choice. Blade has some of the most stylish, durable, and capable drones on the market. The Blade 350 QX looks amazing, flies amazing, and feels amazing.

Things We Like

GoPro camera holder: The Blade 350 QX includes a GoPro camera holder that is compatible with the GoPro 3 series. The holder uses tiny rubber balls to reduce vibrations and does an excellent job of doing so.

Overall flight experience: There are multiple flight modes that can be utilized by different flyers based on their skill level. All flight modes have a honing GPS system that keep the drone in a specific column of air. This is useful for beginning pilots as they can release either joystick and the drone will immediately hover in its honing position.

Safe mode: One of the unique features of the 350 QX, the safe mode is incredible for someone with no drone experience at all. The drone uses GPS technology to maintain a steady position even with high levels of wind. This means that the drone does not move at all unless you move the transmitter’s throttle sticks. It’s fairly easy to maneuver the drone if you have no experience with advanced types of flight. The safe mode also prevents the drone from coming within a specified range of where you stand, literally keeping you ‘safe.’

Agility mode: There are no stick limitations and that you can do whatever you please. This mode allows you to have the freedom any pilot wants. All the drone will do is use its gyro stability to increase the flight. This is a more advanced mode of flight and shouldn’t be used unless you really understand drone flight.

SOS mode: When the quadcopter lands it immediately begins blinking a strobe-like light and making a loud beeping noise. This well help you to find where it is and prevent you from losing your valuable investment.

Return to home mode: If you lose track of your drone and you can’t figure out where it went, the transmitter has the ability to return to where it took off. It will fly 20 meters in the air and then return slowly to where it took off. It’s fairly accurate too, generally landing within a few meters.

Durability: The Blade 350 QX takes a beating and holds up well in major crashes. When you’re spending this much money, that’s a great feature to have. You’ll thank yourself later.

Things We Don’t Like

Video: The Blade 350 QX is lighter than most quadcopters around the similar size. While this is great for flying, it can cause problems when recording videos. Overall, the Blade 350 QX is much harder to capture high-quality videos with than other drones around the same price point. Once mastered, this can easily be overcome.

Ease of repair: If you do damage this drone, good luck. We’re not joking. Repairing it is insanely hard. You have to take off the entire body and rebuild it almost from scratch and unless you’re a skilled technician you’ll find yourself throwing it against the wall.


This QR x350 review is intended to educate drone enthusiasts and help them to make the correct purchase. This model is great for someone not looking to record videos. It’s best for someone attempting to learn how to fly a higher level drone. We suggest checking out the Pro version before buying either one, as you may be impressed with the extra capabilities, better improvements on mechanical issues, and built-in gimbal. Make sure you consider your needs before purchasing either one, but we highly suggest the Pro Version.

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