Agricultural Drones For Sale

Best Precision Drones for Farming & Agricultural Use

The landscape of professional agriculture has changed in the last decade, where robotics and sophisticated analytic tools are being used to maximize yield and resources. Agricultural drones are now commonly deployed to accurately measure many elements that were difficult or impossible to attain just a few years ago.

Farm management is heading in a new direction heavily influenced by precision agriculture, which is a process of observing, measuring, and responding to detailed data and analysis to apply a farm’s limited resources to gain the highest yield of crops.

Specifically designed agricultural drones can help farmers and ranchers gain insight into the health of their crops and soil, and minimize variables that can negatively affect production. Drones can generate precise data at more frequent intervals than traditional methods, and at a much cheaper rate than manned aircraft surveillance or satellite imaging.

Here is a list of the best drones for sale for agricultural use:

Honeycorp AgDrone

Honeycorp AgDrone

Just about the sturdiest agricultural drone available for any weather condition, the Honeycorp AgDrone is built with a tough Kevlar fiber composite. Real-time data is recorded by two 20.2MP RGB and NIR cameras to map out the health of your crops in detail.

The AgDrone has a flight time of 55 minutes and can reach up to 66 minutes in low wind conditions.


  • Advanced Autopilot System: A polygon is defined by the user to determine the flight area as software automatically calculates the route of the mission.
  • Low Battery Warning and Return to Home: Allows the user to confidently send the AgDrone out over the fields knowing it will return as scheduled or if the battery levels reach a critical level.
  • Data Processing: Captures and processes data with 6-channel image processing, one-click data management, as well as agricultural optimized algorithms and hardware configuration.
  • Advanced Durability: Military grade aramid fiber—which is 10 times stronger than steel and used in bullet-proof vests—is engineered for the wings and body of the AgDrone to confront the most demanding conditions.
  • Endurance: Covers 600-800 acres per hour when flying at 400 feet altitude with dependable performance and stability.
  • True NDVI and HD: The AgDrone operates to capture both accurate NDVI readings and high-definition 3D mapping simultaneously, providing valuable agricultural information.


  • Full Composite Drone
  • Military Grade Case
  • RGB & NIR Cameras
  • 3 x 8000mAh Batteries
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Training & Support
  • Data Services

DJI Matrice 100

DJI Matrice 100

The Matrice 100 quadcopter by DJI is a drone for sale that has many of the features that DJI is known for, but is customized for developers and farmers.


  • Diagonal Wheelbase: 650 mm
  • Weight (with TB47D battery): 2355 g
  • Weight (with TB48D battery): 2431 g
  • Takeoff Weight: 3600 g
  • Expansion Bay Weight: 45 g
  • Battery Compartment Weight: 160 g
  • Zenmuse X3 Gimbal with Camera Weight: 247 g


  • Hovering Accuracy: Vertical: 0.5 m, Horizontal: 2.5 m
  • Angular Velocity Pitch: 300°/s, Yaw: 150°/s
  • Tilt Angle: 35°
  • Speed of Ascent: 5 m/s
  • Speed of Descent: 4 m/s
  • Wind Resistance: 10 m/s
  • Speed: 22 m/s (ATTI mode, no payload, no wind)
  • Speed: 17 m/s (GPS mode, no payload, no wind)


  • Expansion Bays allow you to add cameras, sensors, communication tools or any other variety of useful devices to survey your fields.
  • Dual Battery Compartments allow you up to 40 minutes of flight time.
  • Universal Powerland Communication ports use dual parallel CAN ports to connect DJI devices to third-party components, easily configuring your own equipment.
  • Adjustable Arm Angles allots the flexibility to increase yaw torque and provide quicker response.
  • Enhanced GPS gives you real-time position, more reliable holding patterns, and accurate flight planning.
  • The Long-Range Transmitter affords an operating distance of up to 3.1 miles with fully adjustable controls while providing output directly to your mobile device.

DJI Agras MG-1

DJI Agras MG-1

DJI’s Agras MG-1 is specifically designed as a drone sprayer, covering an area 4,000 – 6,000 square meters in just 10 minutes. The agricultural drone is able to regulate its output of fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides based on its current speed, precisely regulating its spray for maximum efficiency.

Flight Modes:

  • Smart Mode: Flight path is planned without the need of mapping software and the drone automatically and accurately follows the programmed route.
  • Manual Plus Mode: Customizable route is mapped “on the fly” by the user as the agricultural drone flies overhead, and is mostly used for irregular shaped fields.
  • Manual Mode: The user freely navigates the drone.


  • Intelligent Memory: The Agras MG-1 is able to record and recall its coordinates so that the route can be repeated indefinitely. Also, in the case of an interruption for a low battery or depleted spray, the drone can return to the last recorded point and resume its mission after filling the spray tank or recharging the battery.
  • Terrain Follow: Using the intelligent flight control system, the MG-1 can scan the ground below and maintain an accurate distance, even as the terrain rises and drops, ensuring an optimal amount of spray is dispersed.
  • High-Strength and Compactable Design: With an airframe made of carbon fiber and a uniquely foldable design, the Agras MG-1 and the transmitter are both waterproof and durable in all weather conditions, and easily transportable.

SenseFly Ebee SQ

SenseFly Ebee SQ

This fixed-wing infrared drone is an all-in-one solution that can cover a lot of ground and provide the user with valuable information to analyze their crop production.

Because the Ebee SQ is engineered for speed, this agriculture drone can cover 500 acres in a single charge, capturing multi-spectral and visual data on large areas of farmland.

Once the data and images are captured, you can process it through many popular software options such as eMotion AG to identify:

  • Plant Height
  • Plant Count
  • Plant Health
  • Nutrients
  • Disease
  • Weeds
  • 3D/Volumetric Data (holes, hills, patches, piles)

The eBee SQ is specifically designed to be used along with the Parrot Sequoia, a small and lightweight multispectral drone sensor that can obtain images across four defined visible and non-visible bands—plus RGB imagery.


  • Four 1.2 MP sensors (near-infrared, red-edge, red and green) + one 16 MP RGB sensor
  • Upward-facing Sunshine Sensor for accurate images, in any light condition
  • Customize between full or half resolution multispectral data, RGB, or both.
  • eMotion Ag support for planning flight
  • Fully compatible with eBee SQ Drone kit and easy to install

Additional Available Accessories:

  • Ping USB: allows the user to view live air traffic data within eMotion.
  • senseFly SmartCharger: manages eBee SQ batteries to optimize performance and provide safe storage. Set charger to 100% for Flight Charge, 70% for Storage Charge, or 30% for Shipping Charge. Also, can charge 2 batteries at once.
  • Radio Charger: Can track your drone in extreme situations such as high winds, mountainous areas, or out of your line of sight to guarantee a safe return.

PrecisionHawk Lancaster 5

PrecisionHawk Lancaster 5

Onboard sensors measure humidity, temperature, and air pressure and then can accurately react and adapt to changing weather patterns, varying payloads, sudden wind increases, or loss of visibility.

Flight Planning

The Lancaster 5 will import the flight shape from your files and implement intelligent flight plans based on your requirements.

Data Collection

  • A LiDar Sensor uses visible, ultraviolet, or near-infrared light to capture data. The sensor can penetrate through vegetation using a short range, 270-degree LASER rangefinder.
  • The Visual Sensor produces images and video using a high-resolution, low distortion camera with a long focal length lens, storing them on a high data rate storage card.
  • A Thermal/Infrared Sensor measures surface temperatures.

Mapping and Analysis

The Lancaster 5 uses DataMapper data management and analysis software to (either as software or through the cloud) take accurate 2D and 3D maps of the surveyed area and blend them into geo-referenced mosaics.

The information can then be referenced and analyzed using DataMapper AlgoMarket, which processes the field data using algorithms and indexers to measure:

  • Plant Height
  • Plant Count
  • Enhanced NDVI
  • Volume Measurement
  • Optimized Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index (OSAVI)
  • Field Uniformity
  • Water Pooling

Search and share collected data with clients and colleagues using filters.

Features and Specs:

  • Wingspan: 1.5 m
  • Weight: 2.4 kg
  • Carry Weight: 9.9 kg
  • Single Electric Motor
  • 5-Channel Multi-Spectral Camera
  • Flight Time: 45 Minutes (about 1.2 square kilometers)
  • Sturdy Design for Hard Landings and Rough Weather Conditions
  • Real-Time UAV Tracking and Monitoring Software

DJI Smarter Farming Package

DJI Smarter Farming Package

DJI makes a full solution package for all your agricultural needs including a DJI Matrice 100 quadcopter and all the tools and support needed to successfully survey and manage your agricultural operation.

Analysis Tools:

  • NDVI: Normalized Difference Vegetation Index. Uses infrared indexes to measure healthy vegetation.
  • ENDVI: Enhanced Normalized Difference Vegetation Index. Uses increased visible light channels to isolate plant health indicators.
  • GNDVI: Green Normalized Difference Vegetation Index. Indicates stress and late growth stages prior to harvest to identify areas of improper water and nitrogen uptake and to optimize asset usage.
  • DVI: Difference Vegetation Index. Precisely analyzes canopy cover for water, shadows, soil, and vegetation.
  • GDVI: Green Difference Vegetation Index. Uses separate vegetation index to predict nitrogen levels and requirements.
  • RDVI: Renormalized Difference Vegetation Index. Ideal for tall crops with good spacing.
  • VARI: Visible Atmospherically Resistance Index. Vigor diagnosis tool based on the greenness or yellowness of the canopy cover.
  • Normalized Green Red Difference Index. Analyzes seasonal change of vegetation and ground surface with high temporal resolution.


  • Fully Assembled DJI Matrice 100 (Quadcopter, Transmitter, Battery Charger, 5 Pairs of Propellers)
  • X3 Visual Sensor
    • Plant Counting
    • 3D Drainage Mapping
    • Plant Height and Biomass Measurement
    • Canopy Coverage Density
  • X3 Multispectral Sensor
    • Plant Health Monitoring
    • Weed Management
    • Detection of Irregularity or Inconsistencies
    • Weather Damage Assessment
  • Flight Time: 35 minutes
  • PrecisionHawk DataMapper
    • 2D and 3D Map Processing and Analysis
    • Crop Analytics Tools
    • 150 GB Storage

More Options

More Options

There are other drones for sale that fit every size and need. Fixed-wing drones have the capacity to fly further and for greater distances but quadcopters are effective for scouting smaller areas.

Additional Fixed Wind Drones:

  • Sentera Phoenix 2: With a full range of features, the Sentera Phoenix 2 can reach top speeds of 35 mph and can be deployed for up to 59 minutes, capturing RGB, NDVI, NIR, NDRE 3D, and thermal images.
  • AgEagle RX60: An all-in-one solution using aerial data collection and a suite of analytic software to gain intelligence for an efficient precision agriculture system. The Eagle can fly for up to 60 minutes and gather NDVI, NIR, and visual imaging to improve crop yield.
  • Trimble UX5: A powerful drone that can handle heavy winds and uses a 24 MP NIR-enabled camera and advanced technology to provide data.

Additional Multi-Rotor Drones:

  • senseFly eXom: senseFly makes this drone specifically for agricultural use, and it supports it with cloud-based software to process images.
  • Aerial Technology AgBot: Utilizing multispectral and HD video, this heavy-duty compact agricultural drone has many useful functions to achieve precision agricultural solutions for smaller-sized operations.
  • InDago AG: with a 45 minute air-time, this drone uses high-resolution imagery to survey crops and provide 3D mapping.

Knowledge is power, and reducing variables can be advantageous and even critical to a farm’s success. Agricultural drones can give farmers a detailed perspective that has never been possible—or if it was, took hours upon hours of manned operations.

Prices for agricultural drone packages will vary, but there are options available for almost any size budget. Check out Black Friday drone deals and Cyber Monday drone deals for bargains on these industrial machines.

Setting a mission and flying an agricultural drone is easy to learn, and current drone regulations make it easy to register your drone and obtain a pilot certificate. An agriculture drone can be a fantastic asset when managing farm land and might be an integral facet to your crops’ success.