3D Robotics Solo Review

3D Robotics Solo Review

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3D Robotics Solo
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3DR Solo

3DR Solo

  • Maker: 3DR
  • Charge Time: 1.5 Hours
  • Flight Battery: Lithium Polymer 5200 mAh 14.8 Vdc
  • Controller Battery: 2600 mAh 7.2 Vdc rechargeable Lithium Ion
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Full Charge Flight Time: 25 minutes
  • Controlling Distance: 5 miles
  • Max Altitude: 400ft
  • Communication: 3DR Link secure WiFi network
  • Motors: 880 kV

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3DR hit the jackpot creating the Solo smart quadcopter. Advanced features and technology combine to construct one of the world’s smartest drones. Specifically, it operates using two, 1 GHz computers, one on the controller and one on the drone itself. The 3DR Solo is also the first of its generation to offer live HD video streaming capabilities that come directly from your GoPro camera to your Android or IOS mobile device instantly by using the 3DR Link powerful WiFi signal. In addition, the computer technology provides the cleanest and most amazing aerial photos and cinematic videos you can imagine.

The Solo 3-axis Gimbal (sold separately) makes it possible to control the camera while on the ground from a touch of a button or while using your mobile device. Start, stop, and pause are just a few of the features available on the ergonomically advanced controller, which we felt was similar to a video game controller. Smart Shot technology is incorporated into the drone, with several functions such as Cablecam, Orbit, Selfie, and Follow. These features help the pilot to have complete control over their aerial videography. These features are great for someone looking for a quadcopter with aerial photography capabilities, as it integrates advanced features to capture unbelievable shots.

Though the 3DR Solo is an advanced quadcopter with unlimited possibilities, an amateur can easily fly this model. Single buttons control the takeoff, land, and return home. A pause button can be pushed in case of a panic, which keeps the copter hovering in one place until you’re ready to continue. Your position always remains accurate with the incorporated satellite guided flight.

Things We Like

Flight Time – An unbelievable and highly desirable flight duration of 25 minutes will give you adequate time to have fun, get your shots, travel distances, and still have time left over. The amount of time can is sometimes a bit less depending on flight conditions. Still, after only 1.5 hours to fully charge your copter, which is a short recharge rate, 25 minutes in the air with the additional weight of the camera is phenomenal. 

Distance – The 3DR Solo has the capability to travel up to 5 miles and reach heights up to 400 feet, and that is only because FAA regulations put stipulations on flight height. The satellite guided flight also prevents a fly away.

Guarantee – One of the amazing features of the 3DR is the ability for the app to immediately create a service ticket if the drone is crashed. If after submission and review 3DR has determined that the cause was an internal malfunction with the system and not an operator error, they will completely replace the copter and gimbal (if one was installed), and give you store credit for a new GoPro.

Controller – The ergonomic remote control with its single button flight commands and Smart Shot technology for easy control functions associated with your camera make this one of the best controllers on the market. Created for professionals, but designed like a video game controller for new flyers, the controller has the capabilities you need as a beginner or an advanced pilot. Even the display panel is sized nicely for better vision during first-person-view.

Things We Don’t Like

Gimbal Not Included – We believe that if you’re going to purchase a high-end drone with an expensive price tag, then the 3-axis Gimbal should come with the package. However, it does not, which means you’ll have to fork out additional cash in order to utilize all the really cool features of this remote.

The Price – This is by no means a cheap quadcopter as it has a 4-digit price tag. Even with all the advanced technology and capabilities the Solo has to offer, it’s hard to justify spending that much money unless you are an avid drone enthusiast or professional videographer for a business. Furthermore, a person new to drones should probably select a much cheaper model just starting out even though they specify that it’s good for beginners.


Here at Buy the Best Drone, we’re drone fanatics. That’s why we offer these reviews for everyday people, like yourselves, to have an understanding and an idea of what’s out there in the market to buy and what you should stay clear of.

The 3DR Solo is an absolutely fantastic quadcopter, if you don’t mind paying for it. With the advanced engineering, computerized brains, and safety features, the possibilities are endless, especially, if you’re passionate about aerial footage and obtaining that once in a lifetime shot that no hand-held camera can accomplish. Don’t forget, the live HD streaming that the app software allows is a top-of-the-line function and something you won’t find elsewhere.

In conclusion, we would recommend this drone to those who are serious about quadcopters, and who want that extra ‘push’ available only in a smart copter.

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